accessories filtersWe offer a design service and when required full landscape design to compliment the project. Whether it's for your children, grandchildren, general entertainment, therapy or delightful aesthetics we build pools for all purposes and requirements. We use only the best products available from the finishes, heating and filtration equipment to remote controlled self cleaning systems to ensure your pool is a pleasure to use and operate year round. Majority of the work is in house meaning quality control is easily managed. If any trades people are required we use only reputable and quality contractors of which we have worked with over the years. Let us transform your yard into your very own private oasis.


Balwyn AfterBalwyn BeforeOur speciality. If it's a 10 year old or 40 year old pool we can transform it into a new pool in most cases. As long as it's a concrete pool with no major structural problems we can use the existing shell as the blank canvas so to speak to work with endless options of finishing options and design. We regularly build new benches and steps, install new LED lighting, solar heating provisions, new skimmers and more. Full renovations usually consist of removing all the old tiles and surrounding paving/concrete, sandblasting if painted, all new plumbing from pool to designated filtration equipment area including new equipment, LED lighting, independent solar heating system, gas/heat pumps if required, new tiles, interior and paving leaving you with a brand new pool to enjoy for years to come. A simple renovation can be as easy as just replacing your existing painted interior or Marblesheen with a new Pebblecrete, Glass Bead or fully tiling.

Filtration Equipment

Services-Pool-Filtration-EquiopmentServices-Pool-Filtration-Equiopment2You might just be after some filtration upgrades for your existing pool whether it be filters, pumps, salt chlorinators, blowers, heaters, solar matting/controllers or full automation, contact us for a free quote or further information.


VironHeatseeker 1 Maxi - WitecombWe can customize your heating options to suit your lifestyle, budget and pool design. We can upgarde your exisiting pool with new solar heating, make your existing solar heating independant of the filtration system, supply and install gas heaters, electric heat pumps and evacuated tubing.