For All Pools

I have heard mixed reviews regarding Quartz Renders; what is the story?

Quartz Renders are good IF you look after your pool regulary, this involves regulary brushing down your pool, diligently keeping your water chemistry in check according the manufactures requirements and do not live in a heavily soiled area eg leaves, dirt etc. The appealing character of these sort of Renders is their smooth yet non slip feel.

Do we have to buy new water to fill our pool?

In some cases yes but in most no, permission from your water board can be obtained through a form; 'Water Restriction Exemption for Swimming Pools and Spas', this form focuses on water savings over a 12 month period in your household, if you equal or exceed the water volume of your pool you can normally fill your poll via mains / tap. If you are on tank water then yes you will need to buy regardless of your water savings unfortunately. Contact us for more info or to receive this form.

Do we need pool fencing?

Yes, in ALL cases a regulation pool fence is needed and to be passed by building inspectors. Click here to veiw current safety barrier regulations.


For Old Pools

Can you apply a cement based interior over old painted surfaces even if it's wearing away?

Unfortunately no, ALL paint needs to totally removed to ensure a sound adhesion of the new interior is obtained, no cemenmt products will take to paint because of it's smoothness and chemical makeup. It might initially seem ok but after a little while it can fall off the walls, pop up on the floor meaning more cost to renovate again sooner than need be.     

How do we remove the paint properly?

Sandblasting is the best way to remove all paint and rough the surface also. A scratch coat is then applied to the sandblasted and cleaned surface; a scratch coat is a bonding / key coat to essure adhesion of the final interior option wherther it be Pebblecete, Glass Bead or render for fully tiling. If you have an unpainted Merblesheen or Pebblecrete interior, sandblasting is NOT required, rather just a hydrochloric acid burn / etching.WARNING! ALL MARBLESHEEN INTERIORS TO BE LAB TESTED FOR ASBESTOS PRIOR TO ANY WORK! Contact us for more details.

Can you tile over existing tiles?

Not generally, in some very rare circumstances you can grind or sandblast of the glaze from Ceramic tiles, but in 99% of the time we remove the tiles completely and start again. This is making sure our work is not hindered by others before us.

Can you change the shape of an existng pool, add steps etc?

Yes, in most situations it's possible, it depends on surrounding buildings, access, engineering requirments and more. Contact us for a more detailed discussion.

Can we rejuvenate your pool without replacing tiles and interior? 

Yes, if your tiles are in sound condition, we can clean them and re-grout them, Your interior can be acid washed and new lights can be installed replacing your old ones. Your surrounding paving / concrete can be pressure wasjed and sealed to bring up looking like near new!

What are our heating options? 

Depending on personal required swimming season length, pool size, available utilities, budget and access there is a range of heating options from Solar Heating through the traditional way of rubber type tubing, Evacuated Tubing, Gas and electric heat pumps. Contact us for a detail assesment to suit your requirements.

Can we make our pool more maintance free and efficient?

In short; YES! We can tailor your pool to make owning one more pleasurable and not a chore. From upgrading your pool equipment to better manage yor water chemistry, supplying advanced Robotic cleaners, installing solar blankets / thermal blankets, energy efficient pumps to save you money and more!



For New Pools

Do I need a building permit?

Yes, a buiding permit is needed and depending on council reqiurements town planning might also be needed. 4 - 8 weeks is rule of thumb for obataining the building permit and sometimes more for town planning. In this time finalising design and obtaining engineering drawings is also completed.

How do i organise a quote?

Contact us for a chat, in most cases we will come to the proposed site and meet with you to discuss personal preferences such as lifestyle, design to suit the house and garden, functionality, visions of final results and more. Soon after you will recieve a written quote via email with all the discussed options.

Do we encompass landscaping solutions?

Generally not, however we have a number of landscape artists and designers we work with on a regular basis we can recomend or we can work with your preffered landscape artist to ensure we achieve the required final result.

How long does it take to build a swimming pool?

Once the building permit has been obtained 8 -12 weeks is normal but this can be months or years depending on weather, difficulty, specific site restrictions. 

What is the normal process of building?

The first stage is the set out of the pool, this is the marking out of the pool on the ground with stringlines, this will give the excavator, steel fixers and concreters the lines of the pool to which to dig, and concrte to.Next is the excavation floowed by any formwork / boxing and then the reinforcing steel framwork of the pool. Preliminary plumbing is completed, then the concrte is done by method called shotcrete which blast the concrete into the pool then cut to shape. A curing time of 28 days if needed before any interior work is done. In this curing time, the plumbing from the pool to the designated filtration area is carried out, any landscaping, pool fencing etc. Once cured the interior is completed whether it be Pebblecrete, fully tilled etc and the coping and surrounds are finished. The filtration equipment is installed and final fencing inspection carried with a pass needed before filling. Once filled the water is chemically balanced ready for swimming with handover / care instructions lesson given.

Other costs to consider

Landscaping, fencing, paving, domestic plumbing and electrical works.